Hi, I’m Leo!

I am a social worker and educator living in Toronto, CA and I have been in the helping profession for over ten years working within clinical and community settings.

I believe it is important to be authentic and honest and like many, I have had my “messy” life moments. In fact, I have my messy life moments, but I am determined to work through those difficulties in ways that are honest, meaningful and positive while remaining kind to myself.

I received my Community Work Diploma from George Brown College, Bachelor of Social Work and professional certification in Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP) from York University and Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in Education and Social Justice at Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

My primary areas of interest/specialty in Social Work include Mental Health and Neurodevelopmental disability, autism in particular. I am also interested in work around LGBTQQ+ issues and seek to bring an understanding to the complex issue of identity – examining areas of intersectionality and the notion of multiple belongings which helps us to understand the lived realities of racialized “queer” constituents.

Drawing from my personal, educational and professional experience, I aspire to help you with life’s “messy” moments. While life can be totally messy and complicated, it is also exciting, beautiful and incredible. I will help you embrace the mess wholeheartedly and with cleaning the “mess” up and in creating a plan that is manageable and effective.

You also might be interested to know . . .

I’m originally from Grenada and skipped the beautiful white sandy beaches, lush green rain forest and bright yellow sunshine for snow, winter boots and traffic. When I am not parked on my couch, glued to my TV/Netflix, you can find me in the park with my best friend, a beautiful King Charles spaniel, Willis.